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40yr old male pt came wid complain of recurrent intestinal obstruction. He was a known case of ilioceacal mass ? Tubercular ? Crohn's. Pt was on regular ATT Course since last 6 month . In spite of dat mass and symptoms were gradually increasing.

Bx was inconclusive fr malignancy and tuberculosis.

Due to obstructive symptoms pt was posted fr rt hemicolectomy .

Postoperatively pt recovered well ,liq started on pod -2 and discharged on pod 5.

Final bx report reveal tuberculosis

70yr old men came wid complian of pain abdomn, obstipation , mass per anus dice 2yr .he was diagnosed as a c/o ca anorectum wid obstruction . Pt was explained about d procedure nad complication .after dat he was posted fr APR and end colostomy .postoperatively pt was recovered well.